Hey guys, so here it is my first article… of why being stylish is important regarding their fashion. Shortly telling, this article is all views about fashion.

Table of Content

  • About Fashion:
  • How Fashion Trends Are Created:
  • Why Do We Follow Fashion Trends:
  • Why Do Fashion Exist:
  • Is It Necessary To Follow Fashion Trends:
  • Why being Stylish Is Important:
  • Does Fashion Exist Just To Make Money:

Views about Fashion:

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing. Fashion is a distinctive and often habitual trend in the style in which a person dresses themself. It is behavior and the latest creation of fabric creator.

How fashion trends are created:

Fashion trends run with these 5 key ways:

  • Daily run-way
  • Street style
  • Through celebrities
  • Fashion bloggers
  • Different fashion forms of the world

 Why we follow fashion trends:

People use to wear similar outfits at the same time, on the street, and in day to day social life. We follow fashion trends because they feel great and because many of us do a lot easier to simply look for clothes online, get a feel Awww what they look like, and go to the store and buy similar items.

Why does fashion exist:

Fashion exists as a form of self-impression, However, nowadays many companies are dedicated to taking advantage of human insecurities and feed on the urge of people to be validated. True fashion comes out to who you are and being comfortable with that. Some think going out in style is the way to go with the trend.

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Is it necessary to follow fashion trends:

Yes, Even for people who do not care about dressing or how they dress, their outfit came easily speak for them. Hence, it is so important to follow fashion trends because of your own personality, identity.

Fashion protects – apart from wearing fashionable clothes to protect us from various elements. Fashion can tell us what to style.

Why being stylish is important:

Of course, personality matters in the society as well. It has always mattered, both in past and present. However, being stylish or maintaining a generally clean & tidy appearance gives others a good first-hand impression and is important when establishing a connection in modern society.

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Does fashion exist just to make money :

No, It exists mainly to create a style with money. They make money by exploiting their style with the human wants to look stylish.

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