Welcome back!! Hope you are doing great. Turtleneck/Highneck is a very versatile piece in today’s wardrobe. You can style it as it is or in layering also. Rewear it in summers. A turtleneck layering outfit will certainly “soften” an outfit’s appearance, but it will still take on the attributes of what it is being worn with. For example, worn with a suit, it’s going to feel more formal. Wear one with jeans and it leans towards casual.

As for the most-covering of styles, the turtleneck: ‘Believe it or not, the T-neck is kind of sexy. It’s comfortable and cute and even a little mysterious. And women usually wear them in the wintertime, a.k.a. the season of snuggling.

Turtleneck tee helps you to rewear your summer dresses in winter. You can style it in casual, party, formal, looks.

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Turtleneck Layering Outfit

  • Under a Coat
  • Under a Sweater
  • Under a Summer Graphic Tee
  • With a Pastel Shade Skirt
  • Under a dungaree dress
  • Under an LBD (little Black Dress)
  • Under a Formal Shirt

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Under a Coat

Try out boots with the Long coat and black turtleneck and try to contrast bright jeans. You can never go wrong if you’re dressed in these tips. Pair up a brown coat, blue jeans, and layer black turtleneck.

Under a Sweater

This look is casual wear with this sweet oversized sweater layering on a turtleneck. You can carry this look while shopping, going to college, movies, so on. Baggy Jeans are looking so stunning with this boot heel.

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Under a Denim Jacket

Very basic and versatile look which is good in February-march month weather. Denim jackets are very versatile pieces in our wardrobe. This look is airport-appropriate as it is comfy and warm. Last, sneakers are the best footwear which you can carry easily.

Under a Summer Graphic Tee

Pair your Graphic tee with high waist jeans while layering a turtleneck for this chic look. Go for a minimal accessory and a block handbag.

Under a dungaree dress

Cute with a warm look in this dungaree dress. As dungaree dress is summer appropriate but with a turtleneck, you can restyle it in winters also. Must have your boots and rock them.

Neon shade

There was a time when pastel colors are everywhere. But, now neon colors are on the top of the world. Try your neon shade turtleneck this way. It will give you a different look and vibe for sure.

With a Pastel Shade Skirt

Another way to layer turtleneck. Like this beautiful pastel color turtleneck blouse. You can wear different styles of the skirt with a turtleneck. Try this net pleated skirt for an outing, dinner date so on.

Under an LBD (little Black Dress)

We all have black color high neck/turtleneck in our wardrobe. So, give it a try to your summer LBD (little black dress). Layer your stocking for more sexiness. Replace your sneakers with boots.

With a Mini Skirt

Want to look baby doll in winters. So, take out your mini skirts for winter styling with your turtleneck. Very simple and elegant which gives you cute vibes. Wear your thigh-high boots to stay warm.


Thank you for your visit!! This blog is about layering turtleneck.

I hope it was helpful!!

Do let me known your favourite style and colors you have in turtleneck??

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