Cargo Pants are a great casual alternative to jeans; of course, you can create a style with cargo pants with any of those pants styles, too… The modern cargo pants are slimmer in cut, which adds visual interest, without the bulk. As the defining feature of cargo pants, pockets should be well-considered in your search for the perfect pair. One extra pocket per leg is plenty, and they should sit at mid-thigh, says Luke.

Summer calls for outfits that are light and breathable, not only this you want to wear outfits that make you feel fresh. You can totally pull off cargo pants in summers, especially with some light-colored tee, shirts, or polo shirts. These can be combined with sneakers to give a complete look.

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Reminiscent of military garb that features pants with multiple pockets for carrying an abundance of small items, cargo pants are designed to be functional yet comfortable.

Tips to Create Style with Cargo Pants

  • Cargo Pants go best with Graphic tops and fitted shirts. So, while selecting your top, prefer fitted ones. Because these pants are loose and baggy. They usually look good in short shirts.
  • Wearing heels with cargo pants is a big no-no unless you are dressed formally. 
  • Cargo pants with floral shirts do not vibe well.
  • As these pants strive to give you a minimalistic look, don’t overwhelm your attire by adding too many clashing colors and prints. 
  • For accessories, sunglasses and bandanas work best. 
  • While picking out your pair of cargo pants, make sure they are not too fitted and not too loose as well. 
  • For a touristy look, go with regular cargo pants and a strapless tank top.

Style with Cargo Pants (Look 1)

A cropped hoodie is ideal for pairing with cargo pants. Cargo pants are loose and bouncy, so you need a top that can balance your entire outfit and not make you look like a sack of potatoes. It is best to opt for plain as your outfit should look more relaxed and less girly. This look is highly recommended to college/teenage girls. It will give you both a cool and cozy layer.

Style with Cargo Pants (Look 2)

This is an athleisure style in Cargo Pants. You just have to layer an oversized check jacket on your sports bra. A sports bra is giving shape to your body because the cargo and jacket both are loose and baggy. It is gym appropriate also or you can go for dance also.

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Style with Cargo Pants (Look 3)

This look is summer-appropriate with this crop graphic tee. The graphic tee looks attractive and visually-appealing. These tees can go a long way when it comes to helping an individual stand out. This look gives you casual outing vibes in summers.

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Style with Cargo Pants (Look 4)

You can never go wrong with oversized tops and cargo pants if you apply a simple trick – Tie a knot in the front or tuck the front center half of your top inside your pants to make your outfit look on point. Avoid wearing oversized tees if you don’t want to tuck them in because your entire body will look out of proportion.

Style with Cargo Pants (Look 5)

style with cargo pants

As I said in 1st tip to select a fitted top. This look is an example of that tip/point. Cargo Pants looks party wear with this off-shoulder fitted top. Create complete party wear look with your shades, handbag, and rocking sneakers.


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