Hello everyone, Welcome back. I hope you all are safe and healthy. Today, I come up with Modern saree draping styles in 2020. sarisaree, or sharee is a women’s garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of an unstitched drape varying from 4.5 to 9 meters (15 to 30 feet) in length.

 Fashion is something which is constantly evolving. Whether it be fusion style or an entire revamp of traditional dress types, style trends are not here to stay forever.

Saree seems to be great on each body kind and in fact, makes a lady look slim if draped in such a technique!

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One of the most versatile of Indian dresses has also stood the test of time over the years to remain the hot favorite for all Indian women. With the constant evolution of style, the drape of the saree has also undergone a sea of changes.

Here are 4 modern saree draping styles in 2020 to rock your fashion statements:)

1. Dhoti Style Saree/ Drape

The vary first style for saree draping is dhoti style saree. Dhotis are so trendy and stylish in the modern saree draping in 2020. As, women face problem while walking in saree. If you are one of them.

Change your style with dhoti style saree. Always remember that in dhoti style saree you have to wear legging, capri type bottom, you can’t wear dhoti saree over your patticoat. Wear waist belt for more detailing.

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2. Scarf Drape

Trench the conventional style and try dissimilar saree draping styles! You can seize the pallu over your neck to construct it like a trendy scarf. Endeavor this with a handwoven piece to provide the saree a contemporary twist.

As an alternative to draping the pallu of your saree the standard method, strive to drape it similar to scarves. Not merely is this very fashionable and chic, but it will also keep you warm throughout those cold winters.

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3. Cut Shoulder Drape

This is a smart and trendy shoulder drape saree style. As cut shoulders are so fashionable and sophisticated in look. Try to drape a lightweight saree for this style because you have to handle saree fabric on your shoulders so it should be lightweight. Must wear a waist belt for more convenience and stylish.

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4. Neck Drape

This look is my most liked style. I really love the saree and its thick border in wine color. For this look, wrap your pallu over your neck and take it to the other side of the waist and tuck it into your petticoat.

Make sure, your borders are visible and properly tucked in. This look is so modern and bold. For more detailing apply a dark color lip shade so that it will enhance your look. In the last accessorize your outfit with jewelry and you are ready to go.


In this article. you will known 4 Modern saree draping styles in 2020.

Discussed comfortable and sophisticated drapes in which you look stylish as well as polished πŸ™‚

Have a look on it and explore your sarees with these styles.

Also, know your favorite look in the comment section below.

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy😊

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  1. U and ur looks r so amazing all d looks r gonna be a blockbaster my favourite one was d cut shoulder drape….❀❀

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