Celebrity Inspired Fashion Trends of 2022

Celebrity Inspired Fashion Trends of 2022


Hello everyone!! I hope you all are safe and healthy. Trends are changing day by day and people are creating celebrity-inspired looks on their occasions. Here, I come up with new celebrity-inspired fashion trends for 2022 which are breathable and versatile in nature.

As I always say, Don’t carry look for “FASHION” but for the “VIBES”. Stay confident and create positive vibes wherever you go!!


We’ve seen dramatic shoulders but we’ll see an influx of dramatic sleeves ( Balloon to Lantern ) design. This design looks so cool and breathable. You can design your dress, suit, saree blouse, and so on with these types of sleeves. It looks fashionable and you carry celebrity-inspired designs.


There is a huge demand for designer blouses in 2022. As women do not carry the blouse which is there with the saree, these are becoming the fashion trends of 2022. Try this unconventional blouse design this wedding season. You look soo sexy and up to date.

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Are you the person, which loves saree as well as gowns?? So, try this celebrity-inspired fashion trend of 2022 ”Gown Saree” as this design gives you both Indian and western vibes in one look. This look is appropriate for a cocktail party, events, chief guests, and so on. This is not too much heavy or light, it’s a balanced trend that gives you a confidential look.


Athleisure suits are everywhere, As, they create a formal and informal look both. These suits are appropriate for your meetings and they are appropriate for casual wear also like: For airport. Deepika Padukone is creating great fashion trends for 2022 with her look.

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We saw lots of celebrities dive into this trend in 2021, but you surely see it escalate this year also. Tie-Die fabric is very breathable and cozy in nature. Must try bright or neon colors in tie-die to create something unique and new. Just see, how Alia Bhatt is wearing a bright color co-ord set in tie-dye fabric. I must say tie-dye is also counted in the fashion trends of 2022.


When we are talking about fashion trends of 2022, How can we forget co-ord sets? Co-ord sets are trendy in 2021 but with this tara sutari look, I must say they are trendy in 2022 also. Co-ord sets create another way of the monochrome look. You can carry them as casual wear or as party wear. They are suitable for both!!


Happy New Year to all of you!! Here, we are into the new year with some fashion trends for 2022.

This blog is based on major fashion trends of 2021, which are still there in 2022, and inspired by our Bollywood celebrities.

This post discussed casual, formal, and party wear looks.

I hope It is helpful. Stay Safe!! Stay Stylish!!

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