Did you try clothing rental services yet? If not, then you could soon find yourself in the minority. In 2021, fashion rental platforms saw a number of people renting their clothes, shoes, and accessories with the trend set to grow more with these platforms.

The lease allows buyers to access high quality at fast-reasonable prices. Their goal is to slow down fast fashion and remove the need to buy wear-it-once items.

“Lease allows buyers to access high fashion at fast-sensible prices”

Clothing rental services typically charge a monthly fee that allows buyers to wear the clothing for a specified period of time. Buyers then return the product without paying shipping or dry cleaning charges. … It gives buyers more value and more choice in a sensible price.”

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Best Clothing rental services stores that help you to change your closet:

  • Onloan.
  • Endless Wardrobe.
  • By Rotation.
  • Hurr.
  • Rotaro.
  • My Wardrobe Hq.


Here, a very first store Onloan, allows buyers to rent pieces for a monthly fee. I quickly detail its working with a clothing line. Firstly: Choose your items to rent on an easy monthly subscription. Then, Style your items however you want, they’re yours to enjoy. At last, Return your items (or keep them for longer) so they can be enjoyed by someone else. Repeat.

Endless Wardrobe

Endless Wardrobe is the latest way to shop. Here: Find your outfit.

Browse by date, filter by size, and collection. Then, Select your rental time Choose from 4, 10, or 16-day rental periods. Where possible we recommend you book your delivery to arrive 2 days before your day. Place it and check out. You can do this from 90 days in advance right up until 12pm the day before on Monday-Friday.

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By Rotation

By Rotation is more than just a fashion rental platform that empowers you to do good for your wardrobe, your wallet, and the planet at the same time. Let’s discuss how it works: choose your look, Receive rental requests, and communicate with potential sellers via our secure messaging system. Either in-person at a public location, via Tracked Royal Mail, or through our on-demand courier service. Get paid within 5-7 business days after the rental period is complete.


HURR is giving lenders the chance to monetize their pieces, and renters the chance to shine in them for a fraction of their retail price. Our community of like-minded, entrepreneurial women is sharing more than just their wardrobes. They’re doing good by looking good. How to lease: create an Account. Id verification. Search & Filter. Request to Borrow. Arrange Delivery. Time to Shine. Return & Return Again.

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Rotaro is a cult-label clothing rental services site serving the whole of the UK. How to get: Select your perfect outfit and select the rental start date. Our garments travel carbon neutral and are packaged in reusable Rotaro bags and boxes. At the end of the rental, simply pop the item back into the pre-paid reusable bag and drop it at any DPD drop point.

My Wardrobe Hq.

MY WARDROBE HQ is the UK’s first fashion rental marketplace, renting and buying contemporary and luxury women’s wear fashion. I believe that fashion lease is the solution to sustainably consuming fashion. Renting: Before you can rent on MY WARDROBE HQ, we will first need to verify your identity – but don’t worry, it will only take a few minutes! And if you are buying? You can always checkout as a guest… no questions asked 😉 Enjoy wearing your rental from as little as 4 days to as long as 14 days. When you are ready, just send it back via your pre-paid DPD return label and we’ll take care of all the boring stuff (dry cleaning, ironing, etc…).


Thanks me to share detailed information about best 6 clothing rental services.

As, we know renting clothes could be the future of fashion.

In this post, I talk about working or renting process of each store.

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