Fashion is ephemeral, meaning it gives you ample opportunity to experiment and find your outfit. You may be more into a particular style of dressing, depending on what your particular style is like. If you find it, take a quick peek at our story to know how to find your particular style. But, while we are speaking of style, you may wish to know that a Bollywood retro look way of dressing is all the rage, especially if you are a fashion enthusiast who loves the style of the times gone by.

Bollywood Fashion Never Goes Out Of Style

Here’s are some Bollywood retro looks with vintage trends that are still in fashion:

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Button Down Dress:

This is the first Bollywood retro look which is style by Sridevi. She wore a button-down dress which is still in trend. Along with this dress, she attaches a black belt which looks so stylish. you can style it in many ways. Just give it a try!!

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Bodycon Dress

This is another type of dress which is styled by Karishma Kapoor. She wore this beautiful bodycon with a side cut. The bodycon dress is a type of dress that allows the wearer to show off her beautiful body, rather than hide it under layers of clothing.… Instead, a bodycon dress will fit snugly and flow over your natural curves.

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Dungaree Dress:

Dungarees can be traced back to the 1960s. The garment evolved from protective clothing for workers to a unisex fashion trend, that’s kinda considered timeless now. And now they are back in style and The great thing about them is that they can be worn for both casual and formal wear and in absolutely any season.

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Animal Chain Print Shirt

You can see that Bollywood retro looks are still in trend and looks classy over today also. Our 90’s actress Sridevi is here with this Animal chain print shirt. It seems like fashion trends are coming back these days.

Polka Dot

Polka Dots are evergreen print in both 90’s and ’20s. It looks good for dresses, tops, Kurti, etc. Polka Dots sarees are also a Bollywood retro look that gives an elegant and polished look whenever you carry them!!

Bralette + Shirt

As we all know, Bralettes are very trendy these days But do you ever think it is a Bollywood retro style which comes back again in trend. Here, Our Kajol style this bralette under her shirt. While bralette can be styled in many different ways.


Hey Everyone!! I hope you all are safe and healthy.

Here, In this post, we discussed how the Bollywood retro look is coming back in trend.

These styles are evergreen, which never goes out in the world of fashion.

So, Create some retro look which is your favourite, & Tell me in the comment Section.

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