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Hey everyone, Here I am Nikita Sikka creating a blog on fashion named Fashion Pots. On this page, I am Creating new fashion styles on different patterns like Indian, Western, Indo-western, and some more. Full of knowledge, advice for those who want to look Fabulous in their outfit whether it is Indian or another one. Build such a Personality with your outfit is an Art that I will describe u in a very simple and laughter language.

Nikita Sikka

Person Behind The Fashion Pots

Miss. Nikita Sikka

Personally, I tell u my one moment which describes the above line. Build your personality with your outfit is an art. So, here it is, I am a college student doing BBA. A management degree 3rd year, there is a subject of (MSD) in which our faculty taking GD of our groups. I m in a group of 8 peoples. At the end of the GD, my faculty compliment me. Nikita, you speak less about the topic but your personality, posture, outfit, and overall look feels that you are confident enough for this GD. So, with this live incidence, I can confidently say that outfit that you carry spells your overall personality.