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6 Hair Tutorials: How to style Bandana Silk Scarf on Head.


Hello Everyone, I hope you all are well. Today’s blog is tutorial-based which will teach you how to style a bandana silk scarf on your head or on your hair. Summers are at their peak and we all have a craze to approach our summer attires with our flaunting open hairs. There are many ways to style open hair, whether your hairs are long or short. But, Sometimes it’s fizzy and dirty and you have a bad hair day.

A headscarf is very trendy in summers because they give color, and print to your attire and keeps you cool and cute at the same time. The silk scarf on the head looks soo sophisticated while creating summer fusion. You personally feel so comfortable and confident while styling a silk scarf in different ways: On the other hand, If you are tired of open hair, then also, you can wrap a silk scarf on your head for some twist.

Have a Look at this short Tutorial for Silk Scarf Styling:

Source: Pinterest

Which Fabric is Suitable for hair scarf:

Silk is a very lightweight fabric that is washable and looks stylish on your head. Use only cotton or lightweight fabric for hairs. They are stable and breathable in summers, Like Silk and Satin. So, Have a look at each tutorial and style the bandana silk scarf on head.

Things you need to style silk scarf on head:

  • A square shape silk scarf (28*28 inch)
  • Booby pains
  • Hair gel
  • A partition comb
  • Rubber Band

How to Prevent Damage from Scarf

Make sure you are using pure cotton and silk fabric for the scarf as they help you to lock the moisture of hairs. The major issue is that they don’t actually cause a lot of wreckage to your hair. Non-silk scarves, on the other hand, tend to suck out the moisture out of your hair, leaving your tresses dry and fragile.

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Styling Tutorials:

One: Braided Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Two: Twist Headband Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

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Three: Bandana Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Four: High Bun Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

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Five: Dual Braided Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest

Six: Half-Tuck Pony Hairstyle

Source: Pinterest


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