pastel color palette outfits

5 Best Pastel Color Palette Outfits


Hello everyone, I hope you all are well…Where everyone is creating bold color block outfits!! I am here, in this post creating pastel color palette outfits with these top 5 common pastel shades with the use of basic pieces in our wardrobe.
Pastel is a shade that can leave you with a refreshing, bright outfit and make you feel tres chic. From an all-basic look to sophisticated pastel pop-in outfits, there’s a multitude of ways to style these top 5 common pastel colors. And I decided to give you some basic and chic outfit ideas, to help you to grab the power of pastels. Here we go!

Pastel Color Palette Outfits:


Pastel Color Block Outfits

The very first pastel color is Purple, which looks soo elegant and clean either on top or on the bottom. As you can see, Here is the look in which the purple color cardigan is layered with white baggy jeans.


Pastel Color Block Outfits

Here, is a Pastel color block look. Pastel green has lots of shades in it. As you can see this skirt outfit has two green shades in it. Layer a neutral brown color coat to balance your look.

Or, you can try this another concept of monochrome by layering a pastel color pantsuit.

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Pastel Color Block Outfits

The most bright color is Yellow either talk in pastel or in the bold color dictionary. It looks so fresh and stylish on fair color girls. Try, pastel yellow color pieces in casual or on outing days to have sunkissed pics.

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Pastel Color Block Outfits

Blue is evergreen color, Have you tried pastel blue?? If not, then create or try something like this with your pastel blue shade puffer jacket or with a cardigan. These looks are very basic to create but look soo sophisticated while carrying and walking.


Orange shade in pastel always goes with a neutral color. As orange is a bright color. So, pair it with any such neutral shade to balance out your outfit.

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